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  • Web1008 – FSCK – Resolved

    Web 1008 is running a File System Check and because of this is running slowly or may occasionally appear to be down.  Current ETA on this is 1 hour, however this is subject to change depending on the load on the server.

  • CP9 & CP10 Mail & Database Server Maintenance Tonight, Thurs, Fri – Complete

    Tonight starting at 10pm EST, we will be rebooting all Mail & Database servers on CP9 and CP10 to apply a critical kernel patch.   Each night several servers will be restarted for the next three nights.  Estimated downtime for each server is around 5 minutes.  No servers are expected to do a fsck check, which […]

  • Mail42 Down – Resolved

    UPDATE: We have finished the maintenance and the mail should be up and working. Please note that this was a temporary fix to take care of the current issue and we will be performing more maintenance in the days to come. We are swapping out the mail42 module completely due to repeated downtime. The time […]

  • Mail42 Maintenance – Resolved

    Mail42 went down at 9:40pm. It was scheduled for late night maintenance. The maintenance was performed early because the server was already down. The server is in scandisk and booting now. We are very sorry for this outage.

  • wvz3 HW node rebooting – Resolved

    Due to a system reboot, the wvz3 hardware node is performing a memory dump for further investigation by a vendor.  Currently all vps containers on this server are unavailable.  All sites and mailboxes on vps containers are inaccessible at this time.

  • Web Server File System Check – Resolved

    Currently we have a list of servers among both CP9 and CP10 running a file system check.  Unfortunately we do not have an official ETA as to when the file system check may be complete.  We will update this entry every hour as new information arises.  Thank you for your patience.

  • Mail402 Down – Resolved

    Mail402 is currently experiencing a root file system issue.  This was discovered after rebooting to try to fix an earlier problem. Our server administrators are working diligently to resolve this.

  • Mail9 Down – Resolved

    Mail9 has been down for a little while already.  It turns out the server had a dead drive.  We have already replaced this drive and are currently rebuilding the raid. Server Administration is going to keep the server down for a bit longer to make sure it starts properly then will bring the server back […]

  • Shared IP on Web 936 Down – Resolved

    The Shared IP on Web 936 has been blocked because it’s under a DDOS attack. This has been going on for 48 already and every time we release the block, we find the DDOS is still going.  To keep it from effecting the entire web server, we need to block the IP. All sites on […]

  • Mail 407 services offline – Resolved

    We are shutting down mail407’s services to do the final content copy over to the new Mail407 server. This is being done due to raid problems on the original machine. Rough ETA is 4 hours.

  • VPS Windows Node Down – Resolved

    VPS Windows node WVZ7 is down.  All websites, ftp, and mail located on these containers are inaccessible. Our System Administrators are currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as they can.

  • VPS Network Issue – Resolved

    VPS is currently experiencing a network issue that is effecting all VPS containers on all VPS servers.  All websites, ftp, and mail located inside VPS containers are inaccessible.

  • CP9 – Outage – RESOLVED

    We are currently experiencing issues affecting all servers on CP9 and some servers on CP7 and CP10.   Our system administration department is currently working to diagnose and resolve the issue, but unfortunately we do not have an official ETR as of right now.  We will update this post every 1 hour as details arise. […]

  • Account Management CP7 ~ Finished

    Due to maintenance running on the database server for the control panel 7 the ability to make changes to your website through the control panel will be unavailable.

  • VPS Network Issue – RESOLVED

    Due to a network issue, all vps containers on all vps servers are unavailable, all websites, ftp and mail located inside VPS containers are inaccessible. As this issue is still under investigation, there is no current ETR.

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