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  • VPS – WVZ2 – Down – Resolved

    Windows Virtuozzo Node 2 is currently unreachable.  We have noticed hardware node rapid failures.  At this time we are unaware of a reason for this, but we are investigating the cause now.

  • web310 Down – Resolved

    Web310 reported Critical Disk load. After further investigation and restart, the server is running FSchk. (File System Check) The server is currently unaccessible, but should be up shortly.

  • DOS attack on MySQL Servers – Resolved

    We are currently experiencing a Denial of Service attack against the MySQL servers located on CP1.  Our System Administrators are currently working on stopping this attack.

  • RedHat Web Server Reboot Emergency Maintenance – Completed

    This is emergency maintenance. Our system administrators have built a new patched kernel and tested it on several servers. We will take 5 servers down at a time for 5-10 minutes. We have to reboot the list of servers, to apply latest security patch. web, web2-6 web8-12 web14-26 web28-67 web69-99 web101-205 web207-236 web238-249 web252, web254, […]

  • iis91 Down – Resolved

    Our systems administration team identified an issue with the RAID on the iis91 server.  In order to prevent site down time, they are working on migrating all sites from iis91 to iis83.  Unfortunately, during this process iis91 had other hardware issues or a possible corrupted file system.  iis91 has had to be brought down.  We […]

  • iis12 Down – Resolved

    The iis12 server has encountered a file system error and is currently in the process of running a file system check to determine the problem.

  • iis5 Down – Resolved

    The iis5 server currently won’t boot.  Our systems administration team is investigating the issue. After further investigation we have learned that the server raid array crashed. Please see update section for more details.

  • Mail75 Hardware Replacement – Complete

    We detected an issue with mail75 which required a server reboot and file system check (FSCK), initially this was expected to take less than 30 minutes to complete.  During this FSCK the servers RAID card stopped functioning.  This RAID card has been replaced and the server is currently undergoing another FSCK to prevent loss of […]

  • Windows VPS Maintenance – Complete

    Our Windows Administrators are conducting planned maintenance on all Windows based VPS hardware nodes to apply OS and Virtuozzo updates that will provide better stability and performance.

  • Windows VPS Node wvz2 Down – Resolved

    The wvz2 Windows VPS hardware node is down and is currently saving a memory dump.  Our systems administration team is aware and is currently working on resolving the issue.

  • web145 – Emergency Maintenance – Resolved

    Our system administration team has identified some hard drive issues on web145.  To prevent future issues like a potential drive failure, we have recreated the server and need to migrate content to the new hardware.  The server will need to be taken down for approximately 30 minutes to complete the synchronization process. No data loss […]

  • HelpDesk Changes – Resolved

    We are currently implementing our new HelpDesk system.  You may notice some slowness when opening or creating a ticket.  You will also notice some changes to your options when creating new tickets.

  • Mail Server Queues – Resolved

    Many of our mail servers are experiencing higher-than-normal queues for sending Email.  We speculate that this is due to the activation of a botnet using compromised passwords to send spam via our servers.  Here are the servers currently affected: mail8 mail9 mail14 mail15 mail16 mail22 mail24 mail26 mail32 mail35 mail38 mail44 mail81

  • MSSQL1002 Down – Resolved

    MSSQL1002 is currently experiencing hardware issues.  We are in the process of swapping out hardware.

  • Mail24 – Down – Resolved

    Server has to run FS check. Mail24 server went down during restart. When server rebooted, it ran a forced FSCK on the file system. Should be up and running shortly.

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