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Archive for January, 2017

  • iis30 Emergency Maintenance – Resolved

    The iis30 web server is being taken down for emergency maintenance.  We need to replace a hard drive within the server.

  • iis17 Maintenance– Resolved

    IIS17 server needed rebooted and is now running fscheck.  All websites, ftp, and control panels on this server will be unavailable.  The expected downtime is 2 hours.

  • iis523 Shared IP Down – Resolved

    The shared IP address ( on iis523 is currently under a DDoS attack.  We have blocked the target IP by our firewall for some time to see if the DDoS attack subsides.

  • Error with Custom Mail Filtering Services – Resolved

    Customers who employ custom mail filtering are experiencing bounce-back messages.  At this time our System Administration Department is aware of the problem and is working to resolve this issue.

  • LDAP Mail Server Down – Resolved

    LDAP Server is down. This is affecting the ability to receive mail on several different mail servers. Our spam filter service is using the backup LDAP service. The LDAP server has undergone hard drive replacement and is currently in RAID rebuild. This is a rebuild started at 7PM EST and could take up to 24 […]

  • iis317 Down – Resolved

    During our monthly windows updates, another windows server required restart. Server is temporarily down. It is running a File System check.

  • iis415 down – Resolved

    During restart the server experienced a File System Error. Server is now in stage 2 of 3 on the file system check.

  • Mysql410 Maintenance – Resolved

    We have been noticing hard drive errors with mysql410. In order to prevent future issues with these drives we are creating backup copies (RSYNC) of all the data on the server. We are shutting down all services on mysql410. Services will be shut down while we complete data rsync to new hardware. ETA 2 hours.

  • web405 Intermittently Slow – Resolved

    The web405 server is intermittently running slowly.  Our systems administration team is aware and is investigating the problem.

  • mysql410 Hard Drive Replacement – Resolved

    We have noticing hard drive errors with mysql410.  In order to prevent future issues with these drives we are creating backup copies (RSYNC) of all the data on the server.  During this time you may notice some slowness while connecting to the database. The current plan is to replace the drives later this evening, probably […]

  • Mysql411 Maintenance – Resolved

    Due to the state of the RAID array, Mysql411 server will be offline to finish transferring the content to another server.

  • iis1001 drive replacement – resolved

    iis1001 has been shut down to replace a faulty drive.

  • mysql411 Slow – Resolved

    The mysql411 database server is running slowly and intermittently returning an error message when sites try to connect to databases.  Our systems administration team is currently working on the problem and estimates that it will be resolved in approximately 30 minutes.

  • wbackup27 down – Resolved

    All backups on the server are inaccessible due to software failure.

  • web83 down – Complete

    During the course of normal operation, a reboot was required.  During restart, file inconsistencies were discovered and the operating system forced a FSCK.  Once the File System Check is complete, normal operation will return.

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