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  • WVZ2 – Urgent Maintenance – Completed

    The WVZ2 containers have experienced system failures and we will need to perform emergency file system maintenance.  While we are checking and correcting the possible FS errors the containers will be unavailable.

  • 1-800 number currently unavailable – Resolved

    Currently our 1-800-385-0450 number is having issues connecting on some carriers.  We are aware of this issue and are working to get this resolved.  If you need to reach technical support please call 614-534-1961 Issue appears to be limited to cell phones

  • VPS lvz7, lvz8, lvz9, and lvz10 Maintenance – Complete

    Tonight starting at 9 pm we are going to be taking lvz7, lvz8, lvz9, and lvz10 down to add more memory to the servers for a total of 32 gigs in each.  Maintenance will be from 9:00PM – EST until 11:00PM – EST

  • mssql402 Down – Resolved

    mssql402 is down due to a raid issue.  The server is currently rebuilding in offline mode. New Info Jan28 05:34AM: The RAID rebuild has failed.  During the rebuild process, the RAID array crashed and is now considered unrecoverable.  Due to this hardware issue, much of the backup content was inconsistent and unusable.  Our Windows Administrators […]

  • Mail9 Emergency Maintenance – Resolved

    Mail9 needs to be taken offline for emergency maintenance.  The server is currently having raid issues and will be offline until the maintenance is complete.

  • VPS LVZ6 – Resolved

    Linux Virtuozzo Node 6 is currently in the process of being restarted.  A iSCSI timeout caused the main partition to be remounted in read-only mode.

  • web417 Down – Resolved

    web417 is currently down.  The webserver was rebooted and prompted to run a File System Check (FSCK).  This process is currently running.

  • CP10 Web Server Moves – Complete

    Throughout the next several days, we will be moving web1001 through web1027 to a new pool.  We will begin the migration starting with web1001 and moving the other servers until all of the mentioned servers have been moved. We will also need to reboot some servers in anticipation of the continuing migrations.

  • mssql402 – Down – Resolved

    Our engineers are currently replacing the a RAID card on MSSQL402.  All databases on this server are offline.

  • Web1004 – File System Check – Resolved

    Web1004 has experienced an error and we need to run fsck in order to bring it back up.

  • web308 down – Resolved

    Server is being rebooted. Server is now in file system check. Once the FSCHK completes, server operation will return to normal.

  • VPS LVZ8 – Resolved

    Linux Virtuozzo Node 8 was overloaded.  The overload issue has been resolved, but the file system is currently in Read Only mode. Node is being rebooted and should be back up shortly.

  • mssql503 Migration – Completed

    mssql503 is going to be migrated to a new server on January 16th, 2011 at 12:00 AM EST.  The RAID card on this server has been having stability issues lately and in an effort to combat any future outages we will be moving this content to new hardware.  During this migration all databases hosted on […]

  • Mail11 Hardware Emergency Maintenance – Completed

    The Mail server mail11 has experienced a hardware issue with the power supply.  As a result of this power failure the associated RAID array has also gone down.  At this point the systems administration department has moved the server drives and the RAID card to another server but the original RAID configuration will need to […]

  • Linux Server Security Updates – Completed

    The following linux servers are going to be rebooted during next several hours due to security updates: web250, web256-web261, web300-web320 Downtime expected per server is about 5 minutes

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