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  • IIS 316 – Denial of Service Attack – Resolved

    Our Windows Admins have detected a DDoS attack against the iis316 server, as well as the associated shared IP address.  We are currently working on both short-term and long-term solutions to resolve this issue.  Until this attack is resolved websites using the shared IP address will be down.

  • IIS316 shared ip down – Resolved

    The shared IP address ( on iis316 is currently under a DDoS attack.  We have blocked the target IP by our firewall for some time to see if the DDoS attack subsides.

  • IX Web Hosting is now on Facebook!

    Hello Everyone!  We are proud to announce that IX Web Hosting is now on Facebook. Check out our page to: Find Status Updates Discover Useful Articles Learn about Upcoming Events Become part of our online community Like us on Facebook to be eligible for raffles and other prizes.

  • CP7 nameserver issues – Resolved

    The CP7 nameservers, ns13 & ns14, are loading their zone files slowly.  This appears to be a symptom of the maintenance just completed.  The servers are both online and responding to DNS requests, but have not finished loading all of the zone files.

  • Scheduled System Maintenance – Complete

    This Sunday, February 27th from midnight to 4:00am EST, we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on our CP7, CP8, CP9, CP10, & VPS environments. During this time, we will be taking the servers completely offline, so websites, mail and databases will not be accessible or changeable. We apologize for the inconvenience, but as it is […]

  • Mailgw – Webmail Server Maintenance – Complete

    The current webmail server session system has a disk problem with storage, and the operating system requires updates. We have created a replacement system. At 10pm EST the original server will be taken offline to route server traffic to the new server. We are planning on this taking only a few minutes to complete. Customers […]

  • Nameserver 16 Maintenance – Completed

    Our system admins are briefly taking down for maintenance work.  This maintenance is expected to last 30 minutes.

  • Nameserver 15 Maintenance – Completed

    Our system admins are briefly taking down for maintenance work.  This maintenance is expected to last 30 minutes.

  • mysql307 – RAID Rebuild – Completed

    mysql307 is currently rebuilding its RAID.  This may cause some slowness for database driven websites and while accessing the database through phpMyAdmin. Server is back online, please see 00:21AM Update.

  • web412 File System Check – Resolved

    Server required file system check during routine restart of the server.

  • web104 – Down – Resolved

    The webserver web104 is currently undergoing a File System Check (FSCK).  Sites will be unavailable while this process runs.

  • iis602 – Resolved

    After a reboot on server iis602, the records for any sites using dedicated IP addresses became corrupted.  Our System Administrators are currently working on re-adding all of these missing IPs.

  • Network Connectivity Issues

    We have received reports earlier today that some of our customers are experiencing issues when trying to connect to our servers.  It appears that these issues are affecting only customers who route through Verizon’s ATL data center.  While we don’t have the ability to resolve this issue since it falls outside of our network, we […]

  • Web402 – Down – Resolved

    The web402 server experienced severe high load times and our admin team is currently working on a resolution.

  • web419 Shared IP down – Resolved

    We have blocked the shared IP address on the Web419 server due to a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on the shared IP address. This is a temporary block and we will continue to monitor the attack.

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