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  • Scheduled Shared Hosting Maintenance – CP9, CP10, and CP11 – October 29th – Completed

    Recently we’ve experienced some performance issues on some of our servers. Therefore, on Saturday morning, October 29th, from 12:01AM to 4:00AM EDT, we will be taking down control panels 9, 10, and 11 for some general maintenance, including adding hardware, updating firmware, and replacing old components with new ones. This effort will be an attempt to […]

  • Mail35 – File System Check – Resolved

    Our Systems Administration Department detected an issue with the mail server mail35.  In order to resolve the issue they have rebooted the server but it is currently undergoing a file system check.  During the file system check services on mail35 may be slow or inaccessible.

  • Data Center Network Issues – Resolved

    We are currently experiencing network issues within our data center.  This is affecting many different things at this time.  Customers may find that their websites are slow to load or may not load at all because of this.  Our phone support is currently down. Our system administrators are currently investigating the issue and we will […]

  • Incoming Mail – Down – Resolved

    Customers with email hosted on IX Web Hosting are experiencing errors when receiving mail. Customers are able to send, but not receive. Our system admins are currently researching this issue.

  • VPS wvz9 Urgent Maintenance – Completed

    Our VPS Administrators have discovered through the use of the recently upgraded firmware that one of the hard drives powering the Windows VPS hardware node wvz9 is degrading.  To preserve data integrity, the drive must be immediately replaced.  

  • Web1102 – File System Check – Resolved

    Our systems administration department recently detected an issue with disk space.  After adding additional disk space the server was restarted, at which time the server initiated a FSCK (File System Check).  During this time customers may experience server slowness or possibly even inaccessibility.  We will be updating periodically to inform on the status of the […]

  • Control Panel 11 – Down – Resolved

    We are currently experiencing issues relating to an unanticipated update to HSphere on Control Panel 11.  We are aggressively  perusing a timely resolution and appreciate your patience.

  • iis1006 – maintenance – Completed

    Our system administrators detected an issue with iis1006. The server had to be restarted and is now doing a mandatory filesystem check (FSCK). During this time the web server will be unavailable, meaning that websites hosted on the server will be unavailable as well.

  • MSSQL8 Down – Emergency Maintenance – Resolved

    During a server reboot, numerous hard drive errors were reported. We are currently building a new Windows server.

  • VPS wvz9 Planned Maintenance Oct 15 – Completed

    The Windows VPS hardware node wvz9 will be taken offline October 15 at 03:00AM EDT (UDT-5) for a necessary firmware update. This exact update has already been performed on a sister server without error.  Expected downtime is 30 minutes from start of maintenance.  

  • Mail500 – Critical Queue Maintenance – Completed

    Our system administration department has identified a large mail queue building on the Mail500 server. This is a result of an abuser on the server. We are working to clear the mail queue now. This critical queue does have the potential to slow message delivery. Messages could be bounced or delayed up-to two hours while […]

  • Control Panel Maintenance (Vacuum) – Completed

    Control panel maintenance is performed on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings for shared hosting servers. This vacuum maintenance has run into the Sunday morning business hours. Server maintenance is affecting the ability to log-in to the manage control panel this morning. Occasional errors may be experienced when managing domain, database, and email accounts from the shared server […]

  • Mail403 – Server Maintenance – Complete

    Our Systems Administration Department detected an issue with the mail server mail403.  In order to resolve the issue they have reset the server, but we are undergoing RAID rebuild.  The mail server will be up at this time, but will be slower due to the RAID rebuild process.  Customers may experience slowness, and some may […]

  • VPS Node lvz4 – down – Resolved

    The Linux hardware node became unresponsive and was rebooted.  The OS is forcing file system check and quota recalculation.  VPS administrators are actively monitoring the startup process.

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