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  • Web319 – Down – Resolved

    Web319 is currently experiencing some hardware issues and websites on this server are down. The server has 2 bad drives that have to be replaced.

  • Web525 – down – Resolved

    Our system admin department are researching some issues with this server and had to remove from our rack to investigate. We estimate 30 minutes to 1 hour to resolve.

  • Mssql 301 – Down – Resolved

    MSSQL301 has been rebuilt. We’re currently recreating all databases, database accounts, and restoring backups we have on file.

  • mysql504 – Maintenance – Resolved

    Our system administrators encountered an issue with one of the drives on this server and are in the process of rebuilding the raid for this server. During this time websites may experience some slowness.

  • Shared Hosting Win01 Cluster Maintenance Dec. 3rd 12:00AM EST – Completed

    This will be a scheduled outage of 4 hours while we update SAN firmware. This update will assist us in avoiding premature drive failures. We will divert traffic on this SAN to our maintenance page. This maintenance will affect server performance for customers on the following servers: IISN201 – 206, 301 -311,  401 – 413, […]

  • Web318 – Migration – Resolved

    Yesterday, the web318 server experienced issues during a routine restart. File system check has run and verified data integrity. RAID rebuild was initiated. However, RAID had difficulty rebuilding due to device error. System Admins have decided the best course of action is to migrate customers off of web318 to other servers in the CP 6 […]

  • Web318 Maintenance – Resolved

    The web318 server experienced issues during a routine restart. File system check has run and verified data integrity. Raid rebuild has initiated. We have taken the server offline to ensure the Raid rebuild completes quickly before business hours on Monday.

  • Domain Registry Maintenance .COM and .NET – Resolved

    The domain registrar we resell for is conducting maintenance on the .COM and .NET registries.  The maintenance is scheduled to run tonight from 8PM (20:00) EST through Midnight (00:00). We ask that if you need to make changes to your .COM or .NET domain that you wait until after the maintenance to attempt the changes.  Attempts to […]

  • Windows VPS Maintenance November 13th, 2011 – Resolved

    Our system administration team will be performing a brief maintenance on all of our Windows VPS hardware nodes on Sunday, November 13th at 3:00AM until 5AM Eastern Standard Time.  Each hardware node will be taken offline, one at a time, for about 15-20 minutes each so that we may perform this maintenance.  This will render […]

  • Phone Related Technical Difficulties 1-800** – Resolved

    We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our 1-800 number routing system. Please use our international line if you are experiencing problems getting through to our 24 hour support representatives. 1-614-534-1961

  • Maintenance: Windows IIS server upgrades Nov. 15th, 6:00AM CST – Completed

    We are planning a PHP upgrade to the latest versions: 4.4.9, 5.2.17 and 5.3.8 Web services have to be restarted after the upgrade, and this is going to create approximately 3 minutes of downtime per server. Scheduled time: the 15th of November, 2011 at 6:00 AM CST (GMT -6). We estimate this maintenance to be […]

  • mysql11 down – Resolved

    The database server suffered a RAID failure that has corrupted the file system.  The server is being reconstructed now to replace the failed hardware.

  • Emergency Maintenance: Mysql11 and Mysql15 – Resolved

    Our systems administration staff has detected an issue with the drives on the mysql11 and mysql15 servers.  We will need to take these servers down in order to replace them.

  • Account Management and Helpdesk Systems Maintenance 12 Nov 2011 3:00am – 7:00am EST – Resolved

    During the maintenance window Saturday morning 3:00am-7:00am EST 12 Nov 2011, our Account Management and Helpdesk systems will be offline for important maintenance and updates.  Websites will *not* be affected and FTP access will still be available using a local FTP application.  No account changes, new orders or Helpdesk tickets will be available during this […]

  • iis413 – Maintenance – Completed

    The iis413 server experienced some issues during a routine restart. We are running file system check to ensure data integrity. Inconsistencies were identified when restarting the server for performance issues.

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