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Archive for January, 2017

  • DDoS – Cloud network – Resolved

    Some of our Cloud customers were experiencing slowness on our cloud network due to an incoming DDoS.  The DDOS has been resolved at this time but during this 15 accounts needed to be rebooted afterwards.   The following servers are back online. cloud.afrenterprises.com2 […]

  • Mail61 – Maintenance – Resolved

    Mail61 is experiencing intermittent downtime.  Our system administrators are currently investigating.

  • IIS511 – maintenance – CHKDSK – Resolved

    iis511  has undergone a reboot and entered into check disk (CHKDSK). The server will be unavailable during this process.

  • Cloud Service Slowness – Resolved

    Our system administrators detected an issue with Cloud servers this morning that was causing them to be inaccessible or very slow for customers. We are currently investigating in order to determine the root cause of this issue. Once we have more details the blog will be updated. Update:  The symptoms appear to have been caused […]

  • iis1010 – RAID rebuild – Resolved

    Our system administrators have detected an issue with this server. The server’s RAID is being rebuilt. During this time the web server may experience slowness.

  • Server Connectivity Issues – Resolved

    100% of the affected email and database servers are now back online.  If you are still experiencing any problems with your email or databases, please contact our support team.  We’ve completed our formal investigation into the cause of the problem, and have published the post-issue report which can be found here: Sunday morning at 3:49am […]

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