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  • WEB1206 – FSCK – Resolved

    Our system administrators have detected an issue with this server. The server is being restarted and is now doing a mandatory filesystem check (FSCK). During this time the web server will be unavailable, meaning that websites hosted on the server will be unavailable as well.

  • DNS Name Servers Under DDoS Attack – Resolved

    Our Name Servers are currently experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This is causing DNS queries to become slow or fail for some domains on our DNS servers. Our system administration team is working to identify the source and block this attack. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

  • iis407 – CP7 down – Resolved

    Our administrators are performing emergency maintenance on our iis407 server for Control Panel 7. We are working to get this back up and running as soon as possible.

  • Windows Shared Hosting Outage – Resolved

    Our system administrators have identified a large number of Windows servers which are experiencing issues. Our administrators are looking into this issue now to attempt to get this resolved as soon as possible. Here is a list of the affected servers: Affected Server Current status iis1001 UP iis1002cf UP iis1003 UP iis1004 UP iis1005 UP […]

  • Phone Provider Issues – Resovled

    Our Phone Service Provider is currently recently sent us a service alert: There is a major fiber cut with a Tier 1 Internet carrier that is affecting Internet connectivity in many areas of the United States. This is creating call quality issues for some of our customers. We are actively working to reroute traffic around […]

  • SSL 3.0 Flaw Update

    Earlier this week Google announced a flaw in the design of the SSL v3 protocol. This flaw could result in a hacker gaining access to private information when sent over an encrypted connection using the SSL v3 protocol. As soon as they read the announcement, our System Administration team began working on a fix for […]

  • web1114 – Down – Resolved

    Our administrators have identified errors with Web1114 that are causing the server to be unreachable. The system has been rebooted, and is currently in File System Check (fsck).  We will keep this post updated with further information as we receive it from our administrators.

  • PgSql4 – Down – Raid Rebuild – Resolved

    Our Administrators have found an issue where our server PgSql4 is inaccessible. We are working to get it back online as soon as possible.

  • Live Chat Maintenance – Sunday, October 12 – Resolved

    Our live chat system will be brought offline on Sunday, October 12 from 3am to 5am (Eastern Time) for maintenance.  Customers can still contact us during this time via phone call or ticket.

  • Scheduled Maintenance on Control Panel and Support Infrastructure Databases – Completed

    On Saturday October 18th from 2AM to 6AM EST, we will be performing a scheduled maintenance on databases supporting your account dashboard and our support infrastructure. During maintenance, these databases will be migrated to newer and faster hardware to improve performance and reliability of these systems.  While we migrate and test these databases, you will […]

  • iis522 – Down – Resolved

    This server was part of the recent Windows Server Outage.  Unlike other servers involved in the outage, this server failed to bring up necessary network interfaces upon reboot and when admins attempt to reinstall them, the server throws errors.  Our System Administrators are investigating this issue and will have the server back up as soon […]

  • Windows Shared Hosting Outage – Resolved

    Our system administrators have identified a large number of Windows servers which are experiencing issues related to the tools software that is provided with the hypervisor running on the host system. These errors are resulting in servers experiencing degraded performance or locking up. Multiple patches and hotfixes supplied by the vendor of this hypervisor have […]

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