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  • web1419 Urgent Maintenance – Resolved

    Our administrators are performing emergency maintenance on our Web1419  server.  We are working to get this back up and running as soon as possible.

  • Web300 – FSCK (File System Check) – Resolved

    Our administrators have found an issue with the server and will be performing maintenance. Currently the server is under File System Check(FSCK).

  • Network Maintenance Wednesday, Aug 26th, 10:00 PM EDT – Resolved

    Our administrators will be performing maintenance on our network to expand its capacity Wednesday, Aug 26th, 10:00 PM EDT. This maintenance will take about 2 hours to complete. There is no expected downtime or interference in customer services. All servers will remain online during maintenance and we do not anticipate any effect on services.

  • Web519 Maintenance 8/28/2015 2AM EDT – Resolved

    System administrators have detected that there’s a risk of hard drive failures soon on Web519. As a precautionary measure, to ensure server stability and data integrity, we decided to migrate this server to virtualized environment. Now we performing background data sync from hardware server to virtual machine. No websites are affected by this operation. 8/28/2015 […]

  • Web520 – Emergency Maintenace – Resolved

    System administrators were alerted of multiple drive failures on Web520. To preserve the data on that server, admins have to take it offline for emergency maintenance to replace the failed drives. Once replaced, the server is expected to come back online with no data loss but customers may experience slowness while the file system rebuilds. […]

  • Webmail maintenance – Resolved

    this is related to removal of small portion of unused accounts from Webmail backend DB. Webmail could be slightly slow during this maintenance but it is unlikely.

  • Scheduled Maintenance – Dashboard Control Panel – Resolved

    On Wednesday morning August 19th from 4AM to 5AM EDT, our administrators will perform maintenance on our Dashboard Control Panel database array to increase redundancy and improve stability. During this maintenance period, the Dashboard Control Panel will be unavailable. All user servers, websites, and email are unaffected by this maintenance and will operate normally.

  • Web317 Maintenance – Resolved

    A physical hard drive failed on Web317. After replacing the drive, the RAID failed to rebuild and the file system was not recoverable. Our system administration team is recreating the server which is estimated to be completed within 16 hours. During this time the sites hosted on the server will be unavailable. To help protect […]

  • Web Server Maintenance – Resolved

    Tonight, Wednesday August 12th at 11:30PM EDT, we will be relocating 7 servers within our data center.  During maintenance, the servers will be powered down and powered back up.  We will do this one server at a time and we do not expect more than 10 minutes of downtime per server. Servers affected: web241 — Server is now […]

  • Webmail Services Offline – Resolved

    Currently we are seeing issues with customers trying to access their email services through our webmail or through and/or URLs. Right now these services are down but local mail clients (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird) are working correctly.

  • Web407 – FSCK – Resolved

    The OS on Web 407 reported errors with a partition and forced the server into read only mode in order to preserve data. System Administrators have determined that the error was caused due to bad blocks on one of the server’s hard drives. This can cause instability of data so the FSCK was stopped and […]

  • Problem making changes to some domains – Resolved

    There is problem affecting the ability to make changes and updates to some existing domains.  From the My.IX interface, when trying to open “Settings” for domain registration the following notification pops up: “We are unable to communicate with the domain registrar at this time. Please try again later.” This problem is affecting domains registered via […]

  • Live Chat Support Issues – Resolved

    Our live chat provider is experiencing issues which have caused our live chat support to be temporarily unavailable. We are in communication with our provider and they are currently working on resolving this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our ticket and phone support are fully operational.

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