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  • Mail Server Maintenance April 1st, 12:00AM EST – Resolved

    Our System Administrators are going to migrate some more mail servers to another storage to free up space on to free up space before it becomes a concern for our customers.  There will be 15 to 30 minutes of downtime for each mail server during final replication and switch over to the new storage. Customers will […]

  • Shared Hosting Control Panel Maintenance – Resolved

    System Administrators will perform maintenance to perform updates to shared hosting HSphere control panels systems Wednesday, March 30th from 2 AM to 2:30 AM EDT. During this maintenance, customers may be unable to access their HSphere control panel for up to 1 minute.

  • Intermittent Outages in Chat – Resolved

    We are currently experiencing intermittent outages with our Shared and Advanced support chat.  We have contacted our provider who is looking into the issues Until then, our ticket system and phone support are both available for issue resolution.

  • Cloud by IX Urgent Maintenance – Resolved

    Our administrators are conducting urgent maintenance for our MySQL management servers. This will be conducted on March 22nd for approximately 20 minutes, during this time, configuration changes will not be able to be made any Cloud by IX server but the servers themselves will remain active.

  • Suspected issue with .Net on CP8 – Resolved

    We have found an issue with .Net service on control panel 8.  At the moment it won’t allow you to change .Net version or switch between application pools.  Our system administrators are investigating this issue and do everything possible to resolve it at earliest.

  • Loss of Connectivity – Resolved

    Our administrators have discovered a connectivity issue in our network due to a problem with one of the routers in our data center.  We have since disabled this router and now have all traffic moving through a single router.  Unfortunately, this may cause some issues where services are unreachable for our customers. Our administrators are […]

  • Multiple IIS Servers are down – Resolved

    The blade, A11-1-03, which serves several shared windows servers unexpectedly rebooted itself. IIS servers attached to that blade went offline when it rebooted. These windows servers are being quickly moved to another blade so that they can be booted back up as soon as possible. No data loss expected and we expect these servers to […]

  • IIS1014 Maintenance Thursday, March 17th 3AM EST – Complete

    Our administrators will be performing maintenance on IIS1014 on Thursday March 17th from 3AM to 5AM EST.  During this time IIS1014 will be switched from one Virtual Machine to another to address OS level issues.  Customer websites will be offline up to 20 minutes. During maintenance, hSphere is expected to be offline up to 2 hours.

  • Cloud by IX Management Server Maintenance – March 10, 3-5 AM EST – Complete

    Our administrators have planned some preventative maintenance for our Cloud by IX management servers on March 10th between 3 and 5 AM EST. During this time, configuration changes will not be able to be made to any Cloud by IX server but the servers themselves will remain active. Additionally, there will be a popup during […]

  • mail1125 FSCK – Resolved

    Our administrators have found an issue with the server and will be performing maintenance. Currently the server is under File System Check(FSCK).

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