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Archive for January, 2017

  • MySQL401 Server is Down – Resolved

    Our System Administrators detected an error with the RAID array on MySQL401. RAID refers to “redundant array of independent disks”, a technology that allows us to achieve high levels of data storage reliability. It does this by arranging the devices into an array protecting against drive failure. All data is shared across multiple drives with […]

  • Shared Phone Support – Resolved

    We are currently experiencing issues with the phone system within our shared support offices. The vendor has been contacted and we are working to restore these services as soon as possible. Updates will be provided as they become available.

  • Ordering Wizard maintenance – Complete

    On Monday, May 30th at 4:00AM EDT we will be performing a brief maintenance on our PCI Environment.  The maintenance is only expected to last for a total of 5 minutes and will have minimal customer impact.

  • Mail Server Queues – Resolved

    Some of our mail servers are experiencing higher-than-normal queues for sending Email.  We are investigating the issue.  Here are the servers currently affected: These servers work with mail which is being sent from websites, not mail clients or webmail.  

  • Network Maintenance: 05/17/2016 – 05/19/2016 – Complete

    Our System Administrators will be performing network maintenance to connect our shared servers to new switches.  This maintenance will be performed on the following dates and times: Tuesday May 17th: 11PM to 3AM EDT Wednesday May 18th: 11PM to 3AM EDT Thursday May 19th: 11PM to 3AM EDT (If needed) This increase in bandwidth from […]

  • Network Maintenance – 05/15/2016 1AM-2AM – Complete

    Our Systems Administrators will be performing network maintenance on Sunday May 15th from 1AM to 2AM EDT. During maintenance, they will be upgrading components in our border routers .  This will increase the redundancy of both border routers.

  • Windows VPS Maintenance – May 11th, 2016 – Complete

    On May 11th, 2016 at 11 PM EDT we will be performing maintenance on our Windows VPS Node “WVZ7″  during which we will be replacing the CPU for this node.  The maintenance is expected to last for one hour.  During this time, all customer servers on this node will be offline.  

  • Mail412 Urgent Maintenance – Resolved

    Our system administrators found an issue with the server and will be performing urgent maintenance.  System administrators have rebooted it by force. Currently, the server is under File System Check(FSCK).

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